About This Site

My name is Todd Phillips, and I am Puget Sound Network Technologies, or PSNT for those of us who might prefer to press fewer keys. PSNT used to be in the full time technical training and technical writing business, and I worked for many training organizations on the West Coast. Ever since Microsoft decided to make it very difficult for single trainers to maintain their certification I made the decision to drop the training and stick with technical writing. This might resolve some of the confusion if you still have my name and company name listed in your contact list as a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

I've been a technical writer since early 1995 with a focus on computer software and systems design. I have written about Windows Server networks mostly, but have at times detoured into the Apple world to describe how Macs can be integrated into Active Directory-based networks. While I was still teaching Microsoft Certified Curriculum courses I wrote my first and only solo authored book in the world of Microsoft networking, the Windows 2000 Migration Study Guide for Sybex (ISBN 0-7821-2768-1) and worked on many other titles for them as a contributing author. My garage still has boxes of author's copies of those books.

So, about this site. PSNT is now for freelance business opportunities. I am working as a Senior Technical Writer currently, but I am able to take on freelance work so long as your project can be conducted remotely. I understand that initial meetings and project kickoff meetings are best in person, and I can work with you on that.

I am available to help you with small or large projects, for website design or for content for your existing website. My rates are reasonable and I might even be open to trading services depending on needs. Contact me using the email address in the footer if you'd like to talk about a project. Please, no recruiters for contract positions, that's not something I can entertain at this time. I'd be happy to provide a resume for serious inquiries, but for security reasons I will not make it available here. You can find that information using my email address on LinkedIn if you wish.

Site Details

I wrote this site using the Skeleton framework for the responsive design and extended it with some JQuery samples I found and then modified for my own purposes (dropped some functions I didn't need, added some others, and changed the CSS), and then set the styles in the CSS.

The purpose of the re-write of the PSNT site is to make it very accessible using a smartphone as well as a computer-based browser. I want folks to find me easily no matter where they are. Skeleton makes the media queries easier, although I had to add some more to make the navigation scheme work the way I wanted. I have been growing ever more frustrated with content management systems. Sometimes they make it harder than it should be to get content to look the way it should. Sometimes they are frustrating because they present such a common target for hackers and ne'er-do-wells on the Internet. I'm tired of the issues and decided to try hand-coded sites for a while.